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Easy Ways to Fill Your Summer With Creativity!

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Are you kids home from school and in need of engaging activities?  Or maybe you home school and want to add a little extra creativity to your summer days?  Art projects are the perfect way to fill up long, sunny days on the deck, rainy days indoors, or vacations on the road.

Projects that can go from indoors to outdoors are ideal.   One fabulous summer project for little ones is to make fairy houses and bug habitats out of natural materials.  You can start inside by sketching a design and making a list of materials, or just improvise while you look around the backyard or a nearby park.  Then pick a location where you can imagine fairies nesting or bugs working, and make them a house with natural found items.  Here’s a paper version of a bug habitat we made with our Wool Felt Bug Kit and some other supplies (imagine what you could make with branches, stones and leaves!):

Inspiration for your bug habitat!

Our Bubble Wands Kit is another great example.  You can design and make the bubble wands inside or out, and then play with them outside for hours.

Bubble Wand Kits

Image via Magic Cabin

Art journaling is a great way to keep the creativity flowing all summer.  You can set a goal of one page a day, and throw it in a purse or tote bag to bring it along on vacations and long car rides.

The Perfectly Portable Art Journal Kit

Art journaling is great for all ages, and doesn’t require a big investment in materials.  The Artterro Art Journal Kit makes it especially easy to get started, with helpful tips and inspiring examples included.

Exploring Their Art Journal Kits

We love to decorate our gardens in the summer!  Whether you have a small patio garden or a flourishing urban farm, your already-delightful garden will be even more beautiful with some garden art.  We put copper wire and glass beads in our Garden Art Kit, which are perfect for reflecting light and adding visual interest to a potted plant.  You can also make decorative plant labels out of recycled materials and collect stones to make small garden paths.

Add some art to a potted plant!

What are some of your favorite creative summer activities?

Introducing the Art Journal Kit!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

We’re so excited to finally share a behind-the-scenes peek of our newest product with you: The Strathmore® Art Journal Kit designed by Artterro®.

Five beautiful colors to choose from!

I say finally because it’s been over a year in the making!  We met the Strathmore Artist Papers team at the National Art Materials Trade Association show a few years ago, but it wasn’t until last year that we realized there was exciting potential for collaboration.   In case you’re not familiar with their products, for over a hundred years, Strathmore has made exceptionally high-quality paper for a wide variety of media, everything from charcoal to watercolor.  We looked at their lovely line of art pads and sketch books and thought about our mission of inspiring creativity in everyone.  How could we make a plain pad of paper more inviting and exciting for people of all ages who don’t necessarily have a lot of art training but still want to create?  How could we transform it into a special, engaging place to explore your creativity and try out new-to-you art techniques?

After a little brainstorming and lots of conversations back and forth, we realized that the product we were imagining would combine tips and suggestions for beginners, along with a beautiful selection of papers to inspire mixed-media collage, doodling, drawing, painting and even writing.  In short, our dream product was the Art Journal Kit.

Happily, the team at Strathmore gave us the go ahead to design the kit and write the project sheets.  We handed out prototypes to friends and family, kids and grown-ups, novices and art school grads, and turned all that feedback into the great product you see here:

Tons of project ideas to get you started

We’re so proud to see the results of our collaboration with Strathmore.  The kit includes a cover you can decorate and make your own, pages full of project ideas and tips, a pocket for scraps and found objects, 100% recycled, handmade papers from Shizen Designs (they make all the beautiful paper in our kits) and Strathmore’s bright construction paper and fine art drawing paper.

Mixed-media collage in progress…

It’s perfectly sized for portability, so you can always have it with you when inspiration strikes (and you really never know when that will be).

Where will you take your new Art Journal Kit?

They make wonderful gifts for all the creative people in your life, or for those who may need some creativity in their lives.  Spark Blog readers can take 20% off with the coupon code 20OFF, so pick one up from the Artterro Store today!