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More Wire & Bead Spider Crafts for Halloween

Monday, October 27th, 2014

The theme of this week’s Halloween DIY craft projects is SPIDERS!  We think spiders are fascinating, fun and a little freaky :)  Extra project idea: before trying out this simple tutorial by our crafty friend Janna, get inspired with facts and photos of spiders online.  Be sure to check back next week for a set of pumpkin-themed projects!

Wire & Bead Spider Sculpture for Halloween

Giant Halloween Spider Sculpture

Tutorials by Janna Doney


1 Wire & Bead Art Kit


1 Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit


A selection of copper wire and large beads


Long-Nose Pliers

*Important Note: These directions are meant to offer a helpful jumpstart to your project, but not all kids need them.  You can try a more open-ended approach and just see what your kids come up with after checking out the materials and the examples.  Have fun!

Wire & Bead Mini Spider

1. Use a big ring bead and one wire to create the body and legs for this spider. Wrap the wire around the ring with just over an inch of wire. Twist at the ring to tighten, and trim long side of wire to same length as other side. Repeat once next to first wrap, and two more times on the other side to create the legs.

2. Place the small ring toward the front in between the two sides of legs, overlapping some. Wrap with wire to secure.

3. Glue two flat beads to the front of the small ring for the eyes.

4. Glue a large marble bead into the body ring, and decorate with small beads.

Giant Halloween Spider Sculpture:

1. Choose 4 different colors of wire. Do not cut.

2. Choose the bead with the largest center (that all 4 wires will fit through). This bead will be the spider’s body.

3. Put all 4 wires through the bead and place the bead in the center.

4. On each side of the bead, twist one wire around the other to hold the bead in the center.

5. Form each wire into a spider leg.

6. Once legs are formed, trim ends if uneven.

7. Decorate the legs with small beads using craft glue if necessary.

8. Choose 2 beads for eyes and cut a small piece of wire to shape into the mouth. Glue them to the bead-body.

Together with the Friendly Purple Spider and Red & Black Baby Spider from our last post, you should now have a complete Artterro Spider Family for Halloween!  Now, you can work on making yarn spider webs or just find a cozy spot for your spiders–maybe on top of your jack-o’-lantern!  Happy Halloween!