Canvas Storybook is Back!

After a year-long hiatus, one of our favorite kits is finally back in stock!

We were all so excited to see Canvas Storybooks on the Artterro production table again!

Canvas Storybook Assembly Line

How The Kit Came To Be

As artists, we often get inspired by beautiful raw materials we stumble upon.  Several years ago at an art materials trade show, we came across some small, sturdy canvas books from C&T Publishing and high-quality paint palettes and brushes from Jack Richeson & Co. (so much nicer than the dried-out, bland paint and cheap plastic brushes you get in most craft kits!), plus some gorgeous hand-dyed batik fabric from Lunn Studios.  We immediately got to work on a mixed-media kit combining painting and fabric art.

Exploring Your Story With Fabric Art

What you’ll find inside:

• Hand-dyed artisan batik fabrics • Vibrant, artist-quality paints • Sturdy blank canvas books • Colorful ribbons, beads and craft thread

What you can make:

The possibilities are endless.  You can make a child’s storybook, an illustrated poem, a scrapbook or a nature journal (all of which make amazing gifts), or a just experiment with this unique mixture of fabric art and paint.  Here’s one blogger’s take: a family art story.  Be adventurous!  Try incorporating scraps of your own fabric and elements from nature, and see where your creativity takes you.  We hope you’ll be as inspired by the unique materials as we were.

Canvas Storybook Studio Image

3 Responses to “Canvas Storybook is Back!”

  1. Debra Webb says:

    Great arts and crafts inspirations creative ideas products and blog!

  2. Jeanine says:

    Hello There! I absolutely LOVE the looks of this kit!! I am guessing it is likely up for sale in your shop or catalogue somewhere?! I hope!! I also wonder if you ship to Canada and if so, how much to Ontario, Canada?
    Jeanine, Canada

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Jeanine,

    I’m so sorry I missed your comment! The kit is for sale at We do ship to Canada, although it’s a bit pricey–usually between $15-25 to ship 1-4 kits. You can also find our kits on a Canadian web store called Ekobear: The kit price is a bit higher, but shipping should be much more affordable. Thanks!

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