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Here in Madison, WI we started out the morning at -6 degrees, and now it has warmed up to a balmy zero!  So, it feels like the perfect day to share one of our favorite ways to stay cozy inside your house and active with art projects all winter long—make yourself a mobile art station!

Often an art and craft-filled life can have a way of taking over lots of space.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated table or room for art, you end up packing and unpacking supplies, stashing your project away every time someone wants to use the dining room table for something less important, like say eating.  The mobile art station makes it easy to keep one project together while it’s in progress, and it frees you from being stuck in one spot.

Perfect for keeping your supplies together, wherever you are

Perfect for keeping your supplies together, wherever you are

We love this simple, light bamboo tray, with a nice lip all the way around so you won’t lose anything, and convenient handles.  Its even, smooth surface is great for laying out your designs, and it’s the perfect size to balance on your lap.  If you don’t have a tray at home, head over to your local thrift store.  A shallow basket or plastic platter could also work just fine, depending on the type of project.

Of course, we are not knocking your dining room table.  Sometimes you need lots of room to spread out, especially if you are crafting with a crowd.

Valentine Crafting on a cold winter day

Valentine Crafting on a cold winter day

Wherever you create your art, we hope you have a lot of fun while staying cozy this winter!  Stay tuned for our next few blog posts; we’ll be sharing some simple, inspiring and eco-friendly Valentine’s Day projects you’ll definitely want to try!

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