We’ve won another award!

As we watch our company grow, it’s always exciting when other people
start to notice. We’ve worked very hard to get the mix of materials,
inspirational instructions, and packaging design just right for all of
our kits.

All the hard work pays off each time we get a call from a toy store
owner or a comment from a customer saying, “we love your kits!” and
just a couple of weeks ago, we received word fron the online specialty
toy magazine TD Monthly that we won one of their 2009 Top Toy awards
for our Creativity Kit.

We’ve been very impressed by the online magazine‚Äôs dedication to promoting quality products for children. They have helped us reach out to customers and spread the word about Artterro kits.

2 Responses to “We’ve won another award!”

  1. Lynn Olson says:

    that is Awesome News!!!

    Congratulations and Good Luck keeping up!!!!

  2. David says:

    Wow! I see that your product just keeps winning awards! I imagine that’s because it’s so unique, and provides more of an experience compared to the “cookie-cutter” kits out there. I really look forward to seeing more of your innovative, but simple, kits in the future.

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