Halloween Cat Barrette

Are you getting into the Halloween spirit yet?  Here’s a friendly purple cat barrette to complement the Orange & Black Pumpkin Necklace we shared earlier this week.  Another perfect pre-Halloween play date project–enjoy!

DIY Halloween Cat Jewelry - Barrette

Purple Cat Barrette

Tutorial by Janna Doney


1 Wool Felt Jewelry Kit


Sewing Needle

Craft Thread

Beads and sequins


1. Use a big felt circle for the cat face, and cut out cat ears from another piece of felt.

2. With the purple thread, thread the needle and stitch on the cat’s mouth.

3. Cut a purple sequin into a triangle for the nose. Cut two green sequins into football-like shapes and choose two small green beads for the eyes. Sew the nose to the top of the mouth (point down) so you can see where to stitch on the whiskers.

4. Thread the needle with purple string again, this time using a thinner piece of thread, and stitch on the whiskers.

5. Sew or glue on the eyes on top of the sequins.

6. Stitch or glue ears to the top.

7. Sew or glue cat head to barrette. Let dry thoroughly before wearing.

Let us know if you make this yourself!  Happy Crafting!

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