Braided Pumpkin Necklace for Halloween

We are kicking off our series of Halloween DIY craft projects with a fun and simple jewelry tutorial from our crafty friend Janna.  This project would be great for a play date, craft night, sleepover or really anytime leading up to Halloween.  Be sure to check back later this week for another spooky jewelry project: Halloween Cat Barrettes!

DIY Braided Pumpkin Necklace

Orange & Black Braided Pumpkin Necklace

Tutorial by Janna Doney


1 Wool Felt Jewelry Kit


Craft thread

Sewing needle

1 Wool Felt Sphere

Sequins & Beads


1. Tie the white, orange and gray pieces of string together (a few strands of each color). Braid the 3 colors together. Don’t tie the other end until later.

2. String the braid with 3 beads, alternating orange and black.

3. Fold braid in half with about a half-inch space in the middle to prepare for the next step and set aside.

3. Take out one strand of yellow craft thread, and thread a needle with it.

4. Put the needle through the biggest orange felt ball at an angle.

5. On one end of the half-inch loop in the middle of the braid, attach the felt ball with the needle and thread. Let the ball hang about 1 ¼ inches. Pull needle back through very close to the same way through. This will ensure the yellow thread doesn’t hang over the middle of the necklace.

6. Repeat step #5, close to the same spot.

7. Repeat on the other side of the middle-half-inch. Hold in the air to balance the ball before tying off. Tie off and trim knots as closely as possible.

8. String more beads on the other side of the ball, continuing alternating colors from before.

9. Trim a black sequin into little black triangles for the pumpkin eyes. Cut notches out of the remaining piece of the sequins for the pumpkin mouth.  Sew to orange felt ball.

10. Sew a green bead onto the top of the felt ball for the pumpkin stem.

11. Tie a knot in the loose end of the braid and attach a necklace clasp to each end. Use two strands of the yellow string as an extension if necessary.

Let us know if you try out this Halloween craft!

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