The Big Artterro Move!

Last month Artterro moved from our wonderful office in the Madison Enterprise Center.  We had outgrown the space (and then some!) and also were nearing the end of our allotted time there (it’s a small business incubator space, so you can only stay so long).  We loved it there!  The building manager, Sarah, has been a great Artterro ally, and the building is full of great businesses and people.  Thanks, MEC!

Over the past four years, we brainstormed, crafted, assembled, shipped, relaunched and worked harder than we thought possible to build the Artterro brand and company we have today.  All in this awesome little space!

We spent many hours here at the crafting/meeting/lunch table and break area.

It was hard to say goodbye, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new space.  Which is actually two spaces in the MEC’s sister building just two blocks away: an office and a separate warehouse for production, shipping and storage.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes tour!

The color theme for the new space is “Happy.”

Here’s the office; thankfully our beloved “swiss cheese” plant survived the move!

The new production area has a comfy kitchen and break area:

We have room to keep a lot of inventory boxed up and ready to ship, along with stacks of thousands of our 100%-recycled boxes from Green Bay Packaging!

Our production assistants now have a nice roomy box assembly area:

The shipping area won’t look quite so calm come November and December!

We wouldn’t be settled into our new space without the help of our amazing team members!  Shari and Anna Lee did an amazing job organizing and packing everything up, and everyone pitched in to paint the two big spaces.

We hope you have enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Artterro!  Now you know where our art kits for kids are born!  Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about our business, space or production process.

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