A Paper Collage Book Project

We have made dozens of little books with our Bookmaking Kit, but it’s always fun to see what other people come up with using our materials. Today, we’re happy to share a Paper Collage Book Project created by our good friend and Spark Blog contributor, Heidi.  This project is the perfect way to take a little time for yourself or to get creative with your kids.  Finished books make excellent gifts, travel journals and scrapbooks.

DIY Tutorial by Spark blog contributor Heidi Crabb

Paper Collage Book Bookmaking Kit

Paper Collage Book Project


1 Bookmaking Kit, which includes handmade recycled paper, Artterro bead mix, craft thread and sewing needle


Sturdy paper of your choice

Needle & Thread

Embellishments of your choice

  • Gather your materials and set aside the paper, beads and embroidery floss of your choice.
  • Choose the paper for the front and back cover of your book.
  • Cut out the shapes for your cover collage.
  • Use liquid glue and paint brush to apply the glue on the back of the cut out. Adhere to the front cover of the book.
  • Gather your inside pages and arrange them evenly in preparation of binding the book.
  • Begin binding by threading the needle with the floss and pierce through the top third portion of the book from the inside, making sure the needle is headed to the outside of the book. This way, you can use the needle to string the beads.
  • String the beads onto the spine of your book and fasten with a small knot.

  • Use the embroidery floss to stitch along the edging of the cut out. Start and finish on the underside of the front cover so your knots don’t show on the cover.
  • Cut out another piece of paper in the style of your choice so you can cover the knots on the underside of the front cover. Adhere with glue.

  • Add any extra flair like sequins, words, or more paper collage on the back or inner pages.
  • Fill up your book with words or images, whatever pops in your head.  Keep as a journal, or give as a gift.


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