Art Journal Ideas: Remembering or Planning a Family Vacation

One of our favorite ways to be creative here at Artterro is art journaling.  We introduced our Art Journal Kit almost exactly three years ago, and we love to see how kids and adults alike respond to the prompts, supplies and inspiration in the kit.  September seems like a great time to share a series of journaling prompts and tips.  Something about the seasons changing seems to lead to introspection.

Our friend Heidi, a talented artist and mom to a homeschooling family, is all about art journaling as well.  She just shared a pre-vacation journal page with us, and hopefully it will inspire you or your family to set down a page or two of free-form thoughts, images and colors.

My family and I are leaving for San Francisco on Monday. So this entry was fun and meaningful to me.


Art journaling is all about mixing it up!  Drawing, painting, collage…you don’t need to commit to just one material or technique.  Here Heidi used pencil and handmade Artterro paper to begin her San Francisco-inspired art.

Art Journal Example 1

Here’s the finished page, where she traced over her drawing and added flourishes with pen:

Art Journaling Example

If you aren’t coming or going from anywhere in particular, try filling in a page with ideas of somewhere you’d love to visit.  Maybe it will inspire you to start planning a trip!

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  1. Carol B says:

    Awesome page! Beautifully done!Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Kathy Martens says:

    This is so fun and interesting! I love the art AND the interviews. Thank you.

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks for reading, Kathy!

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