DIY Decoupage Project: Illuminated Vase

We often hear from customers that after making all the jewelry pieces in our Collage Jewelry Kit, they still have a few pieces of our solid-colored and fancy-patterned tissue paper.  If you are in the same boat, we have two fun, simple and beautiful DIY projects for you to try out!  Today we will show you how to decoupage a gorgeous vase, and our next post will inspire you to transform a plain clay pot into a work of art.

DIY Decoupage Bottle

Project by Spark blog contributor Anna Lee Steinbuck

Materials: fancy tissue paper, plain tissue paper, recycled papers: (newspaper, magazine cut-outs), recycled glass bottle

Tools: foam brush, scissors, Artterro glaze (or your own decoupage medium)

Optional Materials: battery powered mini string lights

DIY Decoupage Glass Bottle


  1. Gather all materials and tools. Arrange on a covered surface, (I laid down a few layers of newspaper on my table) because this can get messy!
  2. Cut out or rip up pieces of tissue paper and your other recycled materials. *I ripped up little bits of tissue paper by hand to make a “patchwork” kind of layered look, and cut out pieces with scissors for a more refined and polished look.  If you want to paint the lip of your flower pots, do this now and allow paint to dry for about five minutes before going on to step three.
  3. Apply a thin and even layer of Artterro glaze to your containers using your foam brush.
  4. Start laying down pieces of paper on your containers, gently smoothing any bumps or creases with your fingers. *Try layering different sizes of tissue paper, and overlap the paper in order to thoroughly cover the containers
  5. Once you are finished laying down paper pieces, and are satisfied with the look of your piece, apply an even layer of Artterro glaze over the entire piece. Make sure you cover the entire surface with glaze to seal it. Don’t worry, it dries clear!
  6. Allow your pieces to dry overnight before handling them. Keep the surface underneath them protected in case any glue drips. *Make sure there aren’t any stray pieces of paper that accidentally got stuck to the bottom of your piece!
  7. Optional: If you want your vase to be illuminated, you can put a string of battery-powered lights inside your vase.

What other recycled containers have you decoupaged?  We love making votive holders, gift boxes, and pencil holders.  Stay tuned this week for a tutorial on clay pots as well!

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