DIY Painted Aquarium with Needle-Felted Fish

Yesterday we shared the incredible underwater creatures Sierra created.  Today we’ll take a look at the project as a whole.

DIY Aquarium and needle-felted fish

Isn’t this a fabulous, happy, no-maintenance aquarium?  What a perfect project to do after your family take a trip to a real aquarium.  You’ll probably take a few photos of the creatures you see there.  When you get home, use the photos as inspiration for your needle-felted art!  Of course you can also model your work on fish from children’s books, movies and songs.  Not to mention fish you see in real streams, lakes and oceans!  Isn’t summer great?  It’s so full of art inspiration.


  • Sew on beautiful sequins and beads, and use the thread itself to add patterns to your fish bodies.
  • Add ribbons or fabric for fins and tentacles.
  • Use Artterro’s new packaging as your aquarium structure.  Sierra used the inner tray.
  • If you’re using cardboard, it can be helpful to paint it white first (with gesso or acrylic paint).  After that dries, paint it whatever color you want!
  • Glue on some fun green ribbons in curvy lines–easy seaweed!
  • Starting underneath each fish, sew a long piece of thread through the body of the fish, then poke the needle right through the top of your aquarium.
  • Attach the string with glue, and also make a big knot for extra hold.

DIY Painted Aquarium

You can use the tab at the top of the tray to hang it anywhere.  What other creatures can you imagine making with these wool felt shapes?

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