DIY Needle-Felted Fish Project

needle felted fish

A gorgeous rainbow anglerfish, very hard to spot in its natural habitat!

One of the most exciting parts of sending our kits out into the world is seeing all the different directions people take with our kits. One of our production assistants (who also happens to be a wonderful artist) recently took our Wool Felt Bug Kit in a fun new direction–she made an aquarium full of fish!

needle felted fish

This friendly orange-finned minnow doesn’t need a lot of fancy patterns, just some striking fins and fringe.

needle felted jellyfish

And here we have the very rare metallic fringed jelly fish–careful of its tentacles!

Last week’s post included a view of the whole aquarium, and some simple DIY tips for making your own needle-felted fish and an aquatic habitat.

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