Art Is For Everyone (part 3): Art is Social

Summer break is here!  It’s a great time to think about how you will incorporate art into your kids’ abundant free time.  For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing some thoughts on why we create art (with kids and , and why art is such an important part of our lives.  We’re calling the series “Art Is For Everyone.”  Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

When you think of an artist, what image pops into your head?  Perhaps a solitary figure painting on a canvas, deep in thought?  That’s certainly one example, but it’s not the only way to create art!  One of the things we encourage is art projects that involve the whole family, or a bunch of friends.  Whether you collaborate on a big project together, or each create something of your own while spending quality time in a group, you find that art can be wonderfully social.

Kids Making Art Together

Social art can take many forms: family art night, kids’ birthday party, ladies’ wine & crafting event, impromptu play dates, baby shower activities, and more.  Here’s the finished art that came out of a baby shower here at the Artterro office last summer:

Onesies Decorated with Fabric Markers

For some, art might feel like a private pursuit, and creativity might feel stronger in solitude, and there’s nothing wrong with that!  But we hope you will give social art a try, and encourage kids to enjoy art with others.  Especially for kids, art provides an opportunity to learn to collaborate with others, and to appreciate different styles and gifts that each person brings to a project.

Join us in the comments to share your favorite setting or project idea for social art!  And you can always check out our Pinterest boards for lots of inspiration!

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