A New Artterro, Just in Time for Earth Week!

new artterro line

That’s enough mysterious photos and tantalizing clues…It’s finally time for the big announcement!

We are excited and proud to re-launch our entire line of eco art kits, with bright new packaging, extra materials, new titles and more.  We hope you like it!  It’s been in the works for quite a while; it feels great to share it with the world.

new box team

So, here’s what to expect when you pick up a new & improved Artterro kit:

Super Eco, Vibrant New Packaging

  • A sturdier box you can reuse to store art materials (also a bonus project!)
  • No more petroleum-based plastic bags!
  • Biodegradable bead bags
  • A big glossy band with detailed images of all sorts of artwork
  • An inner tray to protect the beautiful materials
  • 100% PCW recycled paper packaging (Green Bay Packaging)
  • Recycled bands printed w/ soy ink & green energy (Green Solutions)

peek inside

Inside the box

  • Extra materials: glass and wood beads, jewelry findings, wool felt pieces, plus needle threaders for sewing kits, and a soy foam pad for needle felting

bonus project

Two Bonus Projects

  • You can use the box to make a personalized caddy for your art materials, a doll house, a mailbox, or whatever you dream up!
  • The tray makes a perfect frame for your finished artwork, or maybe it’s a boat, or a bed for a puppy or baby doll.  The possibilities are endless!
  • Kids will enjoy using their imaginations to transform the packaging, plus, they will learn to look at packaging as a material to use rather than garbage to throw away.

Needle Felting Kit

New titles

  • Needle Felting Kit: formerly Paint With Wool Portrait Kit, which now includes a soy-foam pad for easier felting
  • Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit: combines our Bubble Wands Kit and Garden Art Kit, so you can make two sturdy, intricate wands & lots of garden sculptures
  • Canvas Book Kit: formerly Canvas Storybook Kit

Check out all the new titles here on our website, and please tell us what you think!  We made all these changes with you, our customers and community, in mind.

Can you tell we’re excited?

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  2. Janet Covington says:

    Hi Ladies, I just received my New samples of Artterro…and they are Wonderful! Excellent visual presentation and packaging-great job with upgrade.

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks so much, Janet! We’re thrilled at the feedback we’ve been getting so far.

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