Guest Post: How to Create Comic Book Characters

Please welcome our guest blogger, Leo!  He is 12 years old and a great friend of the whole Artterro team.  He’s also one of our expert product testers. Leo came in for an artist profile interview recently, and also took some time to write a guest post for us about one of his favorite kinds of art: comic book characters!

how to make a superhero

Leo with one of his comic book characters

How I create characters:

1. Backstory

The backstory helps me figure out what the demeanor of the new character will be.  It will also help to find the right outfit,  decide on the people in her/his life, and also if he is a bad or good guy.

2. The outfit

If you are an illustrator then finding the right outfit is really important, or if it is already designed, how to portray it. Do you need to use bright colors, dark colors, is there a story behind the color?  It’s all important.

3. Skills

Find the characters skills/ powers; this is what really makes a hero or supervillain—

their actions.

4. Name

Next you find a catchy name that fits the character’s personality.

5. Plot

Next you should make a story about your character.  How did they get their skill/ power, etc.?  Pretty much make a story.

6 . Draw

Draw your character.

Rough sketch of character's physique

7. Illustrate

Put your character in a comic.

A comic book character

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