Guest Post: Sasha’s Amazing Art Dolls

Please welcome our guest blogger, Sasha!  She is 9 years old and a great friend of the whole Artterro team.  She’s also one of our expert product testers. She came in for an artist profile interview last week.  Although she’s very busy with many activities and interests, like gymnastics and jewelry-making, she loves to make time for art!  Today she’ll share some thoughts on her creative process, and how to keep going even when you’re frustrated with a project.

I remember when I was four, I made an art doll, and I thought it was the best thing I had ever made.  I shouted out to my mom, “Look, look!”  She came over and said it was fantastic.

Five years later (last month), I actually completed the best art I’ve ever made.  I shouted, “OMG mom, look now!”  She came over and agreed it was the best thing I had ever done.

I actually hadn’t completed it when I showed it to my mom–it was faceless. Boy, you don’t know how much I hate drawing faces!  They are so hard.  When I told my mom how much I hated the faces. she helped a little, but we couldn’t get it right.  A couple of weeks later I tried it again, and guess what?  NOT RIGHT!

A couple weeks later, tried again, and I got it!  I found a picture of a face on the internet and used it as a guide.  I drew it in pencil, and my mom went over the faces with marker.  I said, “boy, those faces are the hardest parts!”

So I could finally say that it was complete, and it was really awesome.  I was so happy.

Now I can put it in a frame and admire it whenever I go into my room.

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