Artterro Artist Profile: Sasha

Meet Sasha, a friend of Artterro and one of our expert product testers. She came in for an artist profile interview, and also wrote a guest post for us, which will be up next week.  Sasha is nine years old, and although she’s very busy with many activities and interests, she loves to make time for art!

Sasha’s Favorite Things

Colors: Light pink and green

Foods: Ice cream and marshmallows

School subject: Problem-solving

Outside activity: Doing back flips

Animal: PUPPIES!

What are your favorite art projects to work on?

Drawing, painting, bracelet making, Art Dolls Kit and Creativity Kit.

Tell me about drawing.  How do you decide what to draw?

Well, usually I get inspired by something, then I want to draw it, and I think of my own way of drawing it.

What do you like about our Creativity Kit and Art Dolls Kit?

Creativity is cool because you get the most freedom.  Art Dolls remind me of friendship.

Have you always liked art?

Yes, but it can sometimes be frustrating, because sometimes I mess up.

What do you do when that happens?

I usually ask my mom for help or do something else for a while.

Describe your fantasy art party!

I would be in Paris with all my besties, eating jello, cake and candy, painting, drawing and doing Artterro kits.  Also we would make marshmallow art.

What’s that?

You use mini marshmallows and toothpicks to build sculptures and castles, and then you eat them!

Thank you, Sasha!  I can’t wait to read your guest post next week!

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