Eco Valentine Crafts: DIY Cards for Kids

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

If you go to your local grocery or discount store, it seems as though Valentine’s Day is all about branded marketing.  While it can be fun and easy for kids to give commercial valentines featuring a favorite cartoon character, a little creativity and effort can be so much more satisfying, not to mention delightful for the recipient.  If you’re thinking about the huge amount of classmates that require cards, don’t worry!  We have a simple, homemade card idea just for you, totally doable for anyone from kindergarteners to seniors.

Collage Heart Valentine

What you’ll need: sturdy paper for the heart, scrap paper for backing, magazine paper to create collages

  1. Tear out pieces of magazine paper with interesting colors and patterns, and glue them, overlapping each other, onto a plain piece of printer paper (this helps reinforce the flimsy magazine paper).
  2. After the glue dries, trace out your shapes and cut them out.
  3. Layer it on top of a larger heart made of sturdy construction paper or some leftover Artterro paper, or keep them as they are.
  4. Write a sweet message on the back.
  5. Optional: Add stickers, glitter, or another embellishment of your choice, or attach a piece of foil-wrapped candy (preferably heart-shaped).

Enough valentines for a classroom of kids!

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