Eco Art Birthday Party Inspiration! – part three

A selection of eco-friendly materials, plus glue, scissors, colored pencils and crayons

So many birthday activity ideas you see online are very specific about how to make a certain craft so it fits in with the theme of the party.  The great part about having an art-themed party is that you can make whatever you want!

Artterro’s open-ended, totally creative birthday art activity:

  1. Cover a big table with newspaper or kraft paper.
  2. Put plenty of art supplies in the middle.
  3. Watch naturally creative kids make amazing art!

Not sure what to provide?  You could always get a few art kits.  Our Wire & Bead Art KitCreativity Kit and Bookmaking Kit would provide a nice selection of materials and project ideas.

Covering the table with kraft paper not only protects your furniture, but it creates a great big canvas for art!

Kraft paper + colored pencils = happy kids!

Here’s a good checklist of supplies to consider:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Materials you have around the house (old magazines and wrapping paper for collage, cardboard containers, yarn and fabric scraps for 3D art, etc.
Tip: Keep beads in a jar to keep things relatively tidy.

Just in case you have some kids who are less confident about their artistic abilities, it’s a great idea to have a few sample pieces or art for them to check out, like a paper bookmark or card, a simple wire sculpture, or a felt ornament with beads sewn on.

Small works of art made from beads, wire, paper & felt.

But we can assure you, once you step back and let them get started, their imaginations will take over!


Art supplies make wonderful favors!  You could make little bundles of crayons or colored pencils, or little stacks of paper or felt.  The easiest idea would be to let each kid grab a handful of the leftover materials from your activity table (a great favor, plus there’s less to clean up!).

Goody bags found at a thrift store!

All you need for this favor is a cute bag.  Along with the supplies, they can take finished artwork home in style.  The birthday boy or girl can decorate paper lunch bags with each kid’s name and a drawing.  You can also pick out some cute recycled-paper bags online (like a recycled gingham bag from Layer Cake Shop), or browse a thrift store.

We hope these Eco Art Birthday Party ideas have been helpful and inspiring!  Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments!

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