Eco Art Birthday Party Inspiration! – part two

As we shared in last week’s post, decorations can be very easy and cheap, if not free, to make.  Here’s our favorite birthday decoration:

Artterro’s Eco Paper Bunting


Some combination of:

Recycled paper (magazines covers, wrapping paper, greeting cards)

Fancy paper (preferably with glitter!)

Construction paper

Twine, string or ribbon

Stapler, glue, hot glue gun or strong tape

  1. Gather a collection of paper.
  2. Cut out big and little triangles (whatever sizes you want, but at least a few inches long so you have room to fold over the top).
  3. Cut a piece of sturdy twine, string or ribbon.
  4. Fold the top inch of a triangle over the string and use glue, staples or tape to secure.
  5. Hang on the wall.

fabric bunting and paper bunting
A small paper bunting underneath a big fabric Happy Birthday bunting!

Easy, fast, and kid-friendly!  For a bigger decoration with more impact, check out the fabric bunting above that spells out Happy Birthday.  It takes a bit more time and effort, but it’s easy enough for anyone to make!  Our you could make several big posters with birthday messages.  Kids love making signs!  And you probably have markers, crayons, paper and glue already on hand.  No directions necessary—just have fun!

Now for the Birthday Treats.  Again, we love to keep it simple.  Pick one or two things that are easy to make or pick up from the store.  We love to start with a search on Pinterest.  Try searching for easy sugar cookie and/or cupcake recipes.  Here’s a nice, simple recipe for Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies and a slightly more complicated (but gorgeous) Strawberry-Beet Cupcake recipe from the Minimalist Baker.  If you are up for a bit of a fun mess, decorating the cookies or cupcakes can be another party activity.  Just set out some frosting (perhaps a few bowls with different, naturally-colored frosting options) and sprinkles from Maggie’s Naturals, and let the kids have at it!

Once all the treats are decorated, out come the best party plates around, from Susty Party! How cute are these?  They have cups, bowls and straws, and special themed sets to choose from.

susty party

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Part Three!  We’ll show you exactly how to set up a birthday art activity table, and give you a handy supply checklist!

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