Eco Art Birthday Party Inspiration!

All the moms that work here at Artterro have kids with winter birthdays, so there has been a lot of party planning going on lately!  Since we all love to incorporate art into our lives whenever possible, most of the parties had at least one art-related element, whether it was a crafty party favor, homemade invitation or DIY decorations and treats.  And because we love to be green (and frugal!), the parties were pretty eco-friendly affairs.  It got us thinking, what would a totally eco, art-themed party look like?

Here’s our vision of an Eco Art Birthday Party!  Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for your own birthday planning process.

Invitations: Some kids will take up this project with gusto, designing and creating their own invitations (like Sasha, age 5, below), while some might need some help and guidance. Let the child lead the way!  You can make each one by hand or create a design on the computer and print them out (or a combo).

homemade birthday invitation

Birthday Art Activity: Rather than have one specific project every kid must do, why not have a collection of materials (new and recycled) and a few examples of finished samples, like bookmarks, cards, ornaments, etc.?  That way each kid can choose what would be fun to create.


Creative Eco Décor: Some of the easiest decorations to DIY are paper or fabric bunting and Happy Birthday signs, and you don’t need to buy anything new!

Treats: Get the kids involved in another creative way—set out sugar cookies or cupcakes, and let kids decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, candy, etc.  Caution: this could get messy!  But it’s guaranteed to be fun.

Favor: A pretty bag to hold their finished art projects, perhaps with some extra art materials to take home.

Remember, planning a party can easily snowball into an epic Pinterest-fueled project (which is fun!), but it is possible to keep it simple.  Be sure to ask yourself how much time and/or money you’re okay with spending.  Some people love to DIY it all, but if that stresses you out too much, consider buying a few elements that will really lighten your workload.

Here’s our Eco Art Birthday Party Shopping List:

Stay tuned for Part Two on Monday!  We’ll share our tips for simple, eco-friendly decorating, plus some great recipes for birthday treats.

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