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Artwork by You!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

One of the best parts about selling a creative product is seeing what people make with it!  We always welcome submissions from customers and friends.  Here are two recent submissions.

Beautiful earrings and pendant from the Collage Jewelry Kit

A gorgeous art book made with our Bookmaking Kit

Feel free to email or share it on our Facebook page whenever you have a new project to share.  It can be very exciting for kids especially, to take pride in their art by sharing it with the world.  Happy crafting!

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Paper Art Cards and Flowers

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Happy Friday, and an early Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  If you’re looking for a little Mother’s Day inspiration, the Pinterest boards below have you covered!

Spoonful’s Mother’s Day Pinterest Board

The Crafty Crow’s Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

NRDC’s BioGems Green & Happy Mother’s Day

Inhabitots Mother’s Day Celebration

And we’d also like to offer a little of our own Artterro inspiration.

Paper flowers with felt balls

Paper flowers with felt balls

It’s so fun and easy to make cards and flowers our of paper.  No directions necessary, just creativity and love.

A simple handmade card

A simple handmade card

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Artterro Models: Real Friends, Real Fun!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014
Girls with art dolls

Sasha, Fatou, and Flora--crafting buddies for real!

Back in February, we shared some behind-the-scenes images of our photo shoot.  We needed some fresh new images for our packaging, marketing and website, and we ended up with some amazing shots of families, friends, boys and girls enjoying art.  Here are the beautiful results!

Mom and Son with Wool Felt Bug Kit

Christine and her son Kayal

What makes the images truly special is that we invited real families and real friends to participate.  The three girls at the top of the post are good friends in real life, and they had a great time posing and making funny faces for the camera.  Christine did such a great job making her son Kayal smile that everyone else was smiling too!

Jocelyn, Cecelia and Jessie having fun with Collage Jewelry

Jocelyn, Cecelia and Jessie having fun with Collage Jewelry

Jocelyn and her daughters Cecelia and Jessie (above) looked right at home trying on decoupage jewelry.

Kimana, Adrien and Declan making some bubble wands

Kimana, Adrian and Declan making some bubble wands

We’re so happy we could invite our friends and family to the shoot, and showcase such a lively, diverse group of kids and adults on our kits!

Artterro Artist Profile: Leo

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

leo with dragonMeet Leo, a friend of Artterro and one of our expert product testers. Leo is twelve years old, and he shared some of his thoughts on art with us.

What’s your favorite kind of art to create?

I really like drawing people and expressions, and also things that don’t actually exist.  I like making up characters and telling stories about them, like if I draw a frowny face on someone, I’ll have a whole story made up about it.

How do you decide what to draw?

I just draw whatever I’m interested in that moment.  Let’s say I’m bored and reading a book, like Garfield.  Maybe I’ll draw Garfield.  Or maybe I’ll think of something completely different, like Morgan Freeman.  It’s whatever pops into my head.  I also use an iPad to look up ideas on Google Images.

ron weasley drawingWhat are your favorite art tools and paper?

I like Koi makers, they can get into small spaces.  You can go over the same area more than once and really layer it.  Unlike regular markers where it would look bad if you did that.  I like using mixed-media paper.  Thin paper gets wet and breaks easily.  I also have a mini sketchbook I use to plan projects, design new characters, brainstorm character names, test markers out, etc.  I also use different kinds of pencils.  Some of my drawings are only pencils, so I need different kinds to make different shades.  I have a huge box to store all my supplies.  I also use practice books with images that I can try to copy.  And I have a light board, so I can trace things over and over again until I can draw it myself without the light board.

Have you always liked art?

No, I started liking art when I took an art camp called Swashbuckling Superheroes.  It was half fencing lessons and half illustration.  There was a professional artist there teaching, and he taught me a bunch of techniques.

Do you ever get frustrated with your work?

Yes, half the time I end up tearing it up and throwing it away, and I waste a lot of paper.  I do get angry.  I should probably erase and start over.  But instead I throw it out.  Every one of the drawings I finish usually takes two or three mess-ups.  The dragon took me a week or two, because I had to go slow.


Has your style changed a lot over time?

Not really.  If you look at my 3rd grade notebooks, I did lots of head portraits, and that’s still my favorite thing.  But now I can also do full-body portraits.  I recently made some kung fu panda drawings for my kung fu teacher.  They were full-body drawings, and took a couple days.   I start with a stick figure and then add more and more mass to it, erase the middle, add clothing and face, then shading, coloring and inking.

What’s your favorite Artterro kit?

Needle felting, because it’s the closest to drawing.  And I like poking stuff.  I think it’s really cool how the wool sticks to the canvas.  I really like the new packaging.  I’d definitely buy it more now, because I like the shinier colors.