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We’ve won another award!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

As we watch our company grow, it’s always exciting when other people
start to notice. We’ve worked very hard to get the mix of materials,
inspirational instructions, and packaging design just right for all of
our kits.

All the hard work pays off each time we get a call from a toy store
owner or a comment from a customer saying, “we love your kits!” and
just a couple of weeks ago, we received word fron the online specialty
toy magazine TD Monthly that we won one of their 2009 Top Toy awards
for our Creativity Kit.

We’ve been very impressed by the online magazine’s dedication to promoting quality products for children. They have helped us reach out to customers and spread the word about Artterro kits.

Welcome to Spark!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

We have been talking for a long time about creating this blog, what we want it to communicate, who we hope to reach, how it can help spread our passion for art and a sustainable lifestyle. Artterro is a labor of love and this blog is here to share our experience of the company’s continuing evolution. We are excited to see it finally live!

So, it’s probably appropriate to start with how we chose the name. As artists ourselves, we have experienced the thrill of immersing ourselves in a project, the satisfaction of creating something beautiful, inspired from within ourselves. We’ve also felt the frustration of facing the blank page, putting high expectations upon ourselves to make something “good,” a piece of art others can admire and compliment us on.

Part of exploring our creativity is that element of letting go, forgetting about how others see us and tapping into the abundant inspiration beneath. We’ve heard many people claim they are not creative. They compare themselves to others and say they could never do what an “artist” does. We believe they’re wrong. Everybody possesses the ability to create. Art is often too narrowly defined and taking time to explore our creative side has been too often put on the backburner in our culture.

All people seek beauty and crave experiences that give birth to something meaningful and authentic. Artterro was born from that need and we design our projects to help others fulfill it. Creating a “spark” is an integral theme for our company. We provide beautiful open-ended inspiration to encourage creativity, even for those who claim they can’t. We include ample materials for friends and families to work side by side because sharing a creative experience with others often stokes the flame. When you begin with beautiful, natural materials and good company, it’s that much easier to ignite the Spark!