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Thursday, October 30th, 2014

If you subscribe to our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook, you might have seen some hints about an exciting development here at Artterro…we’re about to launch a new and improved website!  Not only that, but our online store is expanding to include crafting tools, extra Artterro supplies and new gift sets.

We think you’re going to love it!  Stay tuned for the big reveal on Monday.  For now, here are some sneak peeks of the homepage, blog and resources page.

Our beautiful new homepage slideshow

The new home of Artterro's Spark blog

Check out those categories! A one-stop shop for all your crafting and gifting needs!

Don’t forget, visit us on Monday for the actual launch–we’ll be sharing some very exciting coupon codes to celebrate!

The Big Artterro Move!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Last month Artterro moved from our wonderful office in the Madison Enterprise Center.  We had outgrown the space (and then some!) and also were nearing the end of our allotted time there (it’s a small business incubator space, so you can only stay so long).  We loved it there!  The building manager, Sarah, has been a great Artterro ally, and the building is full of great businesses and people.  Thanks, MEC!

Over the past four years, we brainstormed, crafted, assembled, shipped, relaunched and worked harder than we thought possible to build the Artterro brand and company we have today.  All in this awesome little space!

We spent many hours here at the crafting/meeting/lunch table and break area.

It was hard to say goodbye, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new space.  Which is actually two spaces in the MEC’s sister building just two blocks away: an office and a separate warehouse for production, shipping and storage.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes tour!

The color theme for the new space is “Happy.”

Here’s the office; thankfully our beloved “swiss cheese” plant survived the move!

The new production area has a comfy kitchen and break area:

We have room to keep a lot of inventory boxed up and ready to ship, along with stacks of thousands of our 100%-recycled boxes from Green Bay Packaging!

Our production assistants now have a nice roomy box assembly area:

The shipping area won’t look quite so calm come November and December!

We wouldn’t be settled into our new space without the help of our amazing team members!  Shari and Anna Lee did an amazing job organizing and packing everything up, and everyone pitched in to paint the two big spaces.

We hope you have enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Artterro!  Now you know where our art kits for kids are born!  Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about our business, space or production process.

Artterro Paper Cranes & Origami Kit Feedback

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Have you ever used Artterro paper to make origami?  We find that the thick, sturdy pieces are perfect for folding intricate shapes, and you end up with something that looks like a special gift.  You’ll find the paper in our Bookmaking Kit, Art Dolls Kit and Creativity Kit.  Shari made these beautiful cranes recently.  We love how the subtle patterns on the papers she chose results in such unique little creatures.  And of course, it always feels great to use 100% recycled, handmade paper.

If we were to develop an Artterro Origami Kit, what kind of project ideas would you want to be included?  Cranes? Frogs? Gift boxes?  Something fairly challenging or relatively simple?  Let us know in the comments!

We Love Needle Felting (& New Staff Members)!

Friday, June 27th, 2014

We recently attended the ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) show in Phoenix, AZ, where we debuted our new and improved line to some of our favorite store buyers.  It was so fun seeing everyone’s reaction to our new packaging and kit improvements.  We got a lot of big thumbs up!  We were able to participate in a Kit Session, where buyers could sit down and try out our Needle Felting Kit.  It was a huge hit!  But because of the limited time of the session, we were left with many half-finished canvases.

needle felted canvasesRather than let them go to waste, we decided to finish them up and provide them to stores as samples, so that people can see what you make with the kit.

needle felted canvases

So on Monday we had a big needle felting party with most of our production staff, plus our brand new Admin & Sales Assistant, Anna Lee!

needle felting party at artterro

Anna Lee will be providing some much needed office management and sales assistance as we continue to grow in 2014.  We’re thrilled to welcome her to our team.  Here she is with one of our outstanding production assistants, Juliana:

Juliana and Anna Lee

Have you tried needle felting yet?  It’s such a fun, satisfying project to work on!  Let us know what craft projects you have planned for your weekend in the comments.  Have a wonderful weekend!

New Paper Patterns!

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Handmade recycled paper - new patterns - Bookmaking Kit

It is always a thrill to get a big pallet full of new paper from our friends at Shizen Designs.  The luscious texture and quality is the same every time, but the patterns are exciting and new.  And impressively on trend!  Everything from mod geometric prints to offbeat chevron, plus some classic paisley and floral and always-vibrant solids.

Handmade Recycled Paper

Does it get your art imagination going?  It would be impossible to pick just one for a card-making or paper art project!  Luckily we put a big, beautiful, unique assortment in each Bookmaking Kit.  You’ll also find several pieces in the Creativity Kit, Art Journal Kit, and the Art Dolls Kit.

What’s your favorite kind of paper art project?  Share in the comments!

Artwork by You!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

One of the best parts about selling a creative product is seeing what people make with it!  We always welcome submissions from customers and friends.  Here are two recent submissions.

Beautiful earrings and pendant from the Collage Jewelry Kit

A gorgeous art book made with our Bookmaking Kit

Feel free to email or share it on our Facebook page whenever you have a new project to share.  It can be very exciting for kids especially, to take pride in their art by sharing it with the world.  Happy crafting!

The Artterro Models: Real Friends, Real Fun!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014
Girls with art dolls

Sasha, Fatou, and Flora--crafting buddies for real!

Back in February, we shared some behind-the-scenes images of our photo shoot.  We needed some fresh new images for our packaging, marketing and website, and we ended up with some amazing shots of families, friends, boys and girls enjoying art.  Here are the beautiful results!

Mom and Son with Wool Felt Bug Kit

Christine and her son Kayal

What makes the images truly special is that we invited real families and real friends to participate.  The three girls at the top of the post are good friends in real life, and they had a great time posing and making funny faces for the camera.  Christine did such a great job making her son Kayal smile that everyone else was smiling too!

Jocelyn, Cecelia and Jessie having fun with Collage Jewelry

Jocelyn, Cecelia and Jessie having fun with Collage Jewelry

Jocelyn and her daughters Cecelia and Jessie (above) looked right at home trying on decoupage jewelry.

Kimana, Adrien and Declan making some bubble wands

Kimana, Adrian and Declan making some bubble wands

We’re so happy we could invite our friends and family to the shoot, and showcase such a lively, diverse group of kids and adults on our kits!

Roundup of Artterro Giveaways & Project Ideas

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

We’ve been on cloud nine all week!  On Monday we announced our relaunch and new packaging, on Tuesday we celebrated Earth Day with tons of giveaways, Wednesday we were busy filling orders, and Thursday we get a visit from some adorable 1-week-old orphaned kittens!  Here they are in action, making the most adorable little noises:

In case you missed some of the exciting giveaways, here’s a roundup of links to check out:

The Artful Parent

Madison Moms Blog

Pink and Green Mama

Rebecca’s Soap Deli

Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

And here’s some inspiration for your next craft project.  We are so impressed at what our wonderful blogging friends came up with.  Click on each image to see more!

suzy's suncatcher

A wire-wrapped tree suncatcher from Suzy's Sitcom.

Mama Smiles needle felted cat

A needle-felted cat on the Mama Smiles blog

canvas book dragon

A Canvas Book Kit decorated with a fierce dragon!

Birdhouse pink and green mama

A birdhouse made from our packaging! From Pink and Green Mama

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Don’t forget to make a little time for art, by yourself or as a family.  Let us know what you end up creating!

Inside Our New Bonus Projects

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Happy Earth Week!  As you may have noticed, we’re celebrating with a huge relaunch of our products, tons of giveaways on Facebook, free shipping on any order at our web store (see below), and much more.  Today on the blog, we wanted to highlight one of the most exciting new features of our line–now each kit comes with TWO bonus projects!

bonus projects!

The outer box can turn into a dollhouse, mailbox, special storage case for art supplies, or anything you can imagine!  In the example above, Forrest covered it with scraps of denim, including a pocket for the front, and our production assistant Sierra sewed on all sorts of felt and ribbon to jazz it up.  Now it’s a fancy place for extra felt pieces, beads, etc., plus tiny scraps can fit in the outside pocket.  Pretty creative, huh?

felted box

Here’s another special storage box adorned with needle felted trees and birds.  The possibilities are truly endless.

When you open up a kit, you’ll see a sturdy cardboard tray that slides out.  Once you’re done with the project, the empty tray can be transformed into a beautiful frame for your finished artwork.  Here’s one we painted and filled with Wire & Bead Art Kit samples for an upcoming trade show display:

wire and bead frame

We hope that everyone who buys or receives one of our kits will be inspired to create something special with the sturdy packaging, and maybe even looks at packaging in general in a new way.  Imagine all the fun stuff you can make when you see boxes as art supplies rather than garbage!

This week at our web store, enjoy free shipping on any order!  Use code FREESHIPNOW through May 1st.  We can’t wait for you to give the new kits a try!

Introducing Our New Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit

We’re very excited to debut our new Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit along with the rest of our relaunch.  It is a great spring and summer activity, so keep it in mind for any upcoming birthday boys and girls!

You might be wondering how it’s different from our original Bubble Wands Kit.  Well, when we were planning the relaunch, we decided to combine the Garden Art Kit and the Bubble Wand Kit.  They’ve never been our best sellers, but they are way too much fun to discontinue.  One brainstorming session later, we thought, “Let’s turn them into one awesome kit called the Deluxe Bubble Wand and Garden Fun Kit!  Well that would be quite a mouthful.  So we decided to simplify the name, but still include all  the gorgeous materials and fun project ideas from both kits.

star wand

The kit includes enough sturdy copper wire (thin and thick gauges), glass, wood and shell beads, to create two beautifully intricate bubble wands plus several wire and bead sculptures for decorating your garden or potted plants.  One of our favorite bloggers even made a Wire-Wrapped Tree Suncatcher with her kit!

suzy's suncatcher

It’s a great kit for families to enjoy together, especially because you end up with two toys to play with all summer (and many summers to come)!

We hope you like it!

Family with bubble wands