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Wire & Bead Spider Crafts for Halloween

Monday, October 20th, 2014

The theme of this week’s Halloween DIY craft projects is SPIDERS!  We think spiders are fascinating, fun and a little freaky :)  Extra project idea: before trying out this simple tutorial by our crafty friend Janna, get inspired with facts and photos of spiders online.  Be sure to check back later this week for another set of spooky spider projects: Giant Rainbow Spiders and Spider Rings!

Spider Sculptures for Halloween - DIY Halloween Crafts

Tutorials by Janna Doney


1 Wire & Bead Art Kit


1 Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit


A selection of copper wire and large beads


Long-Nose Pliers

*Important Note: These directions are meant to offer a helpful jumpstart to your project, but not all kids need them.  You can try a more open-ended approach and just see what your kids come up with after checking out the materials and the examples.  Have fun!

Red and Black Baby Spider

1. Choose a medium sized bead with a large hole for the body, one wire, one small bead for the head, and two of the tiniest beads you can find for the eyes.

2. Fold wire in half two times (fourths). Snip ends to make four small wires. With wire cutters, straighten bent ends.

3. Twist bundle of 4 wires in the middle using pliers. String through body bead.

4. With pliers, bend each side of the wires straight up. Pinch together tightly to body-bead. Holding each wire against the body bead with the pliers, bend straight down the other way. Spread legs apart evening.

5. Glue head onto body, and glue eyes onto head. Let dry thoroughly.

Mini Wire & Bead Spider for Halloween

Friendly Purple Artterro Spider:

1. Gather two purple wires, cut each in half.

2. Gather several purple beads, one large for the body.

3. Choose two small beads, other than purple, for the eyes.

4. Shape each wire into an ‘M’ shape with the middle curved.

5. Choose a bead with a large hole, string all 4 legs through at the same time, gently (and not all the way) unbend the corner of the ‘M’ to string through the bead. When bead is in the middle, re-bend the ‘M’ where it was originally. This bead will be the base for the purple body, and will be covered so it does not need to be purple.

6. String a wire through the large purple bead so about ¾ inch is sticking through one end. Bend the long side so the bead can’t move. Trim excess wire.

7. Curve short end of wire in an oval loop so the tip is at the base of the bead hold. Use small pliers to twist it to the other wire at the base. When twist is secure, snip the oval in the middle. These will be the ‘bugging’ eyes.

8. With the wire cutters, gently bend the tips of the eye wires so the eyes stay at the front of the wire. Then place each small bead on the end of the eye wire. Reinforce with craft glue.

9. Glue purple body bead to base bead in the middle.

10. Decorate legs with other purple beads. Let glue dry thoroughly.

Purple Spider Sculpture DIY for Halloween

Don’t forget to check back later this week for more SPIDER crafts!  And check out the other posts in our Halloween DIY series: tutorials for a Pumpkin Necklace and a Halloween Cat Barrette.  Happy crafting!

Welcome to Spark!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

We have been talking for a long time about creating this blog, what we want it to communicate, who we hope to reach, how it can help spread our passion for art and a sustainable lifestyle. Artterro is a labor of love and this blog is here to share our experience of the company’s continuing evolution. We are excited to see it finally live!

So, it’s probably appropriate to start with how we chose the name. As artists ourselves, we have experienced the thrill of immersing ourselves in a project, the satisfaction of creating something beautiful, inspired from within ourselves. We’ve also felt the frustration of facing the blank page, putting high expectations upon ourselves to make something “good,” a piece of art others can admire and compliment us on.

Part of exploring our creativity is that element of letting go, forgetting about how others see us and tapping into the abundant inspiration beneath. We’ve heard many people claim they are not creative. They compare themselves to others and say they could never do what an “artist” does. We believe they’re wrong. Everybody possesses the ability to create. Art is often too narrowly defined and taking time to explore our creative side has been too often put on the backburner in our culture.

All people seek beauty and crave experiences that give birth to something meaningful and authentic. Artterro was born from that need and we design our projects to help others fulfill it. Creating a “spark” is an integral theme for our company. We provide beautiful open-ended inspiration to encourage creativity, even for those who claim they can’t. We include ample materials for friends and families to work side by side because sharing a creative experience with others often stokes the flame. When you begin with beautiful, natural materials and good company, it’s that much easier to ignite the Spark!